Alrosa's Tu-134 final flight

On 22nd of May, the last Tu-134-B3 remaining on regular passenger services in Russia has performed its final flight from Mirny, Yakutia to Novosibirsk Tolmachevo.
A big retirement celebration took place in the destination airport. Two fire-fighting vehicles gave jet a water salute as it was taxiing after the landing. Around 30 aviation enthusiasts were waiting on the apron of the Tolmachevo airport.

There were 72 passengers on board: journalists, photographers, bloggers and casual travellers. Every single of them has received remarkable souvenirs from Alrosa — airline operating the plane.

Tupolev Tu-134 RA-65693 has a long operation history. It was produced by Kharkiv Aviation Factory in 1980. Then spent 12 years flying for Soviet Aeroflot and after that another four travelling between Nigeria, Latvia and Russia.

In the late '90s, this exact plane served as a private jet for Alla Pugacheva – Russia's most popular pop-singer back then. Tupolev used to carry a big sticker "Alla" on its fuselage as pop-diva was using it for her concert tours.

Alrosa airlines bought the plane in 2000 and converted it into a 72-seat passenger aircraft in 2010, since then it has served well for long nine years!

Luckily this mighty little Tupolev will escape the axeman as it will join its "elder brother" Tu-154M "Izhma" in Tolmachevo aviation museum.

Svetlana Balaeva

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